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Washing your face daily is an important part of any healthy hygiene routine. However, good facial cleansing is not as simple as splashing water on it or using hand soap to wipe the dirt away. The delicate skin on your face needs specifically formulated products to help you rinse the dirt and grime off your face without stripping it of its natural oils or causing damage or discomfort due to the harshness of the chemicals in it.

If you have not yet invested in a face cleanser like the ones that Beauty Society makes, you should do some research about the best kinds of facial cleansers to use—whether you need a face cleanser for sensitive skin or one for skin that is particularly oily or dry. By understanding the types of facial cleaners available today as well as what your skin needs to thrive and stay healthy and vibrant, you can pick the perfect product for your face and incorporate it into your daily routine so you can look and feel better for years to come.

The Facial Cleansers that Work for All Skin Types

Some facial cleansers are just meant for specific types of skin. However, there are many kinds of face cleanser that work well for ALL 4s of skin and people. Here are 4 of the best types of facial cleansers that work for everybody, as well as their benefits and why you might want to choose each one for your face.

Gel Cleanser

The gel cleanser is one of the most popular types of facial cleansers made, and it is a type of cleanser that works with nearly every skin type. Aptly named because of their gel-like consistency, gel facial cleansers act as a sort of soap that suds to gather oil and dirt off your face—only to be rinsed away when you wash your face off with water. Gel cleansers tend to have antiseptic properties, which means they kill bacteria, and sometimes they are also exfoliating with beads in them, which means that they can help get rid of dead skin on your face.

Creme Cleanser

In contrast to a gel-based face cleanser, a creme cleanser (or cream cleanser) has a milky, cream consistency. Rather than clear like a gel cleanser, creme cleansers are opaque (usually white). Beauty Society makes a beloved creme cleanser that works for all skin types called Set Me Free Pore Clearing Cleanser, which is gentle but effective.

What sets the creme cleanser apart is that it tends to be the most moisturizing of all the cleanser types. Because it is so gentle, it is a good face cleanser for sensitive skin. The products in the cleanser that make it milky or opaque serve as moisturizing agents that help hydrate skin and ensure that the cleansing process does not dry out the skin too much, or damage it by stripping it of its natural oils and hydration. Creme cleansers often have extra nourishing ingredients in them that add to the thicker consistency like lavender or honey.

Oil-Based Cleanser

It may seem counterintuitive, but one type of cleanser that works for nearly every skin type is an oil-based cleanser. Similar to the creme cleansers, oil-based cleansers are made the way that they are (with oil at the base) because the oil serves as a hydrating or moisturizing agent. Oil-based cleansers are the best choice for someone with super dry skin who needs to get dirt, grime, and germs off their face, but who cannot risk removing any more moisture from their skin.

Counterintuitively, if you fight acne on your face, you may be using products to dry out your skin with the hopes of removing excess oil causing the acne. However, many bodies “rebel” when you use such drying products and end up producing even more oil in the skin to make up for the lack of it. So, removing oil with a drying agent can end up making it more oily—and an oily cleanser balances out the oil levels by nourishing skin with the oil it needs.

Because it helps dry skin and oily skin and all the skins in between, an oil-based cleanser is a great choice for your facial cleansing routine no matter what kind of skin you have.

Micellar Cleansers

The last type of facial cleanser that really works well on every skin type is a micellar cleanser. Micellar cleansers are known for being a good face cleanser for sensitive skin. have micellar water in them, and micellar water is known for attracting and pulling dirt and oils off the skin so that you can easily wash or rub them away from your face.

Once you apply a micellar cleanser in a deep clean process, you’ll want to wash your face off with warm water or use a clean, wet cloth to remove everything the cleanser has pulled from your pores.

Micellar Cleansers are extremely gentle, especially compared to a gel cleanser or any cleanser with exfoliating beads in it. So, if you’re looking for a product to clean your face that will simply get you clean without causing drying or excess oil, micellar cleansers are for you. Micellar water is so gentle that people can use it daily without any added water to remove makeup or to rub or spritz on their face to freshen up after they’ve sweat, worked out, or just woken up. 

Facial Cleanser: An Everyday Staple for Every Face

At the end of the day, keeping your skin healthy and clear takes some work—including washing your face each day. To make sure your face-washing process is effective, make sure you chose a facial cleaner that will get your skin clear while also nourishing and protecting it.

Choose a type of facial cleanser from the list above, and then invest in it to uplevel your skincare game.  Once you get the type of facial cleanser that is right for you,  you’ll see results in your face in no time, and you’ll feel great about doing something for yourself that makes you feel beautiful and glowing day after day.

If you are ready to purchase skincare products that work for your skin, browse the selection at Beauty Society. Our facial skincare products are made to be both eco-friendly and inclusive, so they can not only help you get your face clean, clear, and glowing without having a negative impact on the planet—they work regardless of your age, race, skin type, any skin issues, you might have, and more.Look through our cleansers as well as other products to help the health and vitality of your skin, including moisturizers and sunscreens.