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Share your love for Beauty Society with your friends, and receive 2000 Society Reward points!



Share your custom customer referral link found in your Customer Portal.


Receive 2000 Society Reward points for the first order your friend places.


Redeem your Society Reward points for discounted or free products on your next order.


How do I find my customer referral link?

In the ‘Share the Love Center’ of your customer portal under ‘Refer & Earn Rewards’. Click here to view.

Will I earn Society Reward points if my referred friend is already a Beauty Society customer?

No, this Share the Love program is for referring brand new customers! You will receive 2000 Society Reward points for every friend that places their first order with Beauty Society.

Can Advisors use this customer referral link?

No, Advisors are not allowed to participate in the Share The Love program. This program is for Beauty Society customers only. Any Advisor that creates a customer account to utilize this program may have their account suspended or canceled. Advisor compensation is earned through the commission plan only.

What are Society Rewards Points?

Society Reward points are points that can be earned by either purchasing orders OR utilizing the Share the Love link. Society Reward points can be used on future Beauty Society orders for dollar off savings. Click here (link to Society rewards page) to learn more about Society Rewards.

Is there a limit on how many friends I can refer?

There is no limit to how many friends you can Share the Love with! Share your customer referral link to as many brand new Beauty Society customers as you would like.

Is my customer referral link the same as an Advisor link?

No, the customer referral link is not the same as an Advisor link. A customer referral link is only for for Beauty Society customers to utilize the Share the Love program.