Reducing Hyperpigmentation with Beauty Society

by | May 7, 2018

Hyperpigmentation, which is essentially an area of darker discoloration, can take the form of sun spots, scars left in the wake of an acne breakout, or even uneven brown patches on your face. Too much sun exposure is the leading cause of hyperpigmentation. UVA rays turn on your pigment-making cells called melanocytes and women tend to get hyperpigmentation more commonly than men due to the influence of hormones.

An aggressive skincare regimen including proper sulfate-free cleansing, resurfacing, repairing serums and daily use of sunscreen is a great way to eliminate pigmentation.

Prevention is essential to guarding against future unwanted damage and seeing results. SUNSCREEN, a physical sunscreen (zinc oxide base) is vital to incorporating into your skincare routine daily to protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

Beauty Society has safe and aggressive regimens to ward off hyperpigmentation and to reduce the appearance of past damage.

My suggested Products for Hyperpigmentation:

Beauty Society Cleanser (twice daily)
Making Shade Sunscreen – (every day)
Fake ID (mornings)
All Nighter (evenings)
Crystal Ball (weekly)
Drama Free (twice daily)
Mission Accomplished (twice daily)
Love Thy Face (twice daily)

If you have any questions about the right products or skincare regimen to address your specific skincare concerns, please consult your Beauty Advisor or call a corporate Customer Care Advisor who is always available to give you guidance and help you find your best Beauty Society experience.