HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., August 26, 2020 – Elyse Slaine, cryptocurrency trader, animal devotee, and cast member of The Real Housewives of New York has joined the fabulous community of Beauty Society.

“Slaine makes an excellent addition to the Beauty Society community, as she upholds our ideals in business, philanthropy, and loyalty to the people around her,” states Jeannie Lorin, founder and CEO of Beauty Society. “Here, at Beauty Society, we strive to create the financially-independent women Elyse embodies.”

In Slaine’s off-hours, she is an ambassador for American Humane, an organization dedicated to ensuring the safety, welfare, and well-being of animals. She created a match program, which allowed Slaine to encourage donations with the promise of matching the donated amount. Her devotion to animals makes her proud to join a company that is cruelty-free, with zero animal testing, and environmentally conscious. Her environmental advocacy will continue to grow with Beauty Society’s Treasure Not Trash Program. A program dedicated to reducing landfill waste and reversing deforestation of the planet through our ‘Plant a Tree’ with every refill purchased program.

Slaine’s straightforward, supportive attitude has made her famous among her fans for giving advice about everything from personal situations to financial investments; and now, Skincare. With her easy-going demeanor and receptive personality, Elyse has kept an open door for her fans and friends to reach out; and this is where Beauty Society comes in. A Beauty Advisor from the company and a fan of Slaine’s reached out and asked her to give our incomparable products a try. Once she did, there was no turning back. Now, Slaine is ready to change people’s lives by introducing them to the world’s best skincare line. 

Slaine said, “Beauty Society has literally changed the texture of my skin, leaving it to be softer and smoother than ever. At a time when we are told to not touch our faces, I can hardly resist touching mine. You may not always like what I say on your TV screen, but you will love me when you see what Beauty Society can do for you.”