Does exercise really benefit my skin? (Hint: it really does!)

by | Jan 24, 2019

Hey beautiful! It’s that time of year again. And we’re not talking about cold and flu season. We’re talking about ‘what you’re gonna do’ season. Yup, time for resolutions. We know some people are eager to make their list of challenges and changes and others are more reluctant to commit to anything for fear of not following through. We understand the cautious crowd, and to you, we say, “This could be your year!”

It’s good for the soul to set goals! No matter how big or small.  Maybe this year you’re just aiming to make sure all your plasticware has a matching lid; good goal. You go, girl! Or, maybe you want to sign up for what 65% of those polled by INC.com say they want to do more of in 2019 … exercise!

Let’s face it, exercise more is pretty much top of the list every year, right? And it’s usually a resolution made by those who aren’t already attending bi-weekly spin classes and practicing yoga on a regular basis. At Beauty Society, we believe that feeling gorgeous isn’t only about your outward appearance, it’s the total package. Head-to-toe, inside and out! So, we thought we’d give you one extra reason to find some time to fit fitness into your beautiful life… did you know that exercise does things for your skin that no beauty product can ever accomplish? #TRUTH


Many studies have been conducted on the relationship between exercise and the health of our skin. We could go on with a ton of scientific findings about a myokine called IL-15 found in those who exercise and how it’s linked to thicker dermis layers, but we don’t want to get too geeky here. Let’s just say that renowned studies have shown adding a simple exercise program into your lifestyle can literally take 20+ years off your skin’s age. (geek link to NY Times article) We typically think of how exercise benefits the heart, but the skin is our largest organ so how can it not benefit from exercise too!



If you’re doing it right, you should be breaking a sweat when you work out. One misconception is that sweating is bad for the skin, leading to more breakouts and clogged pores. But the opposite is true. When we sweat, our pores dilate and our sweat helps to dislodge dirt and oil that has been trapped. Every time you sweat, it’s like treating your skin to a mini-facial. To get the full skin-clearing benefits of a good sweat, make sure you remove all makeup before you hit the gym. And never forget to cleanse your face after your workout. Pack your ‘Set Me Free’ or ‘Easy Going’ cleanser in your gym bag and see the benefits from a great sweat followed by a fabulous cleanser!



“Get my what in gear”?  Your fibroblasts! Often unrecognized for their important job, these tiny cells produce collagen.  As we get older, the cells in our skin (fibroblasts) that produce wrinkle preventing collagen slow down their production. Exercising increases blood flow. More blood flow all over naturally means more nutrient-rich blood is feeding the skin and helping to repair environmental damage. Increasing blood flow through exercise helps kick those fibroblasts in gear and helps you look younger. Regular exercise along with a repair serum like our Mission Accomplished is a powerful one-two punch in fighting off the effects of time.



Stress causes our body to produce the hormone Cortisol. Some studies suggest that stress hormones, like Cortisol, cause the oil-producing glands in our skin to become more active possibly leading to more breakouts. Regular exercise reduces our stress levels and keeps everything in better balance.  Speaking of balance, make sure you are incorporating a great moisturizer into your routine.

Working out reduces stress = Love Thy Life

Great moisturizer reduces wrinkles = Love Thy Face 


We’ve all heard the phrase “get your beauty sleep”. It’s no secret that sleep is good for our skin. Deep sleep stimulates growth hormones that help repair damaged skin. Sleep also reduces inflammation in our body. Inflammation hinders the production of collagen and all the other wonderful molecules that allow or skin to fight off wrinkles and other signs of aging. Regular exercise is proven to improve our sleep patterns so working out leads to better beauty sleep. Want a little boost to your beauty sleep, try some ‘All Nighter’ , our age-defying night resurfacer. This power-packed serum will partner with all the great things your body is already doing while you sleep. Wake up refreshed and younger looking.

So gorgeous, we hope we’ve inspired you to treat your skin (and the rest of you) to some more age-fighting exercise this year. Start small, make sure all your plasticware has a matching lid which probably will not make you break a sweat. And then get out there and do what you enjoy, ride a bike, take a class, swim, hike, watch Netflix on a treadmill. Whatever it is, do your face a favor and add some sweat-breaking activity to your beauty routine.

If you have any questions about which of our awesome skincare products is best for you, please feel free to reach out to your personal Beauty Society Advisor or give us a call. We don’t just blog about skincare, we live it! A real person will answer your call. We’d love to hear what you’re doing to feel more beautiful in 2019!