Beauty Rest, a Myth or Fact?

by | Sep 14, 2018

Here’s the hard facts and science associated with getting your beauty sleep. Resting your body and mind is crucial for health and beauty. Lack of sleep is a serious stress builder, and in time will cause minor and sometimes major health conditions. And yes, will seriously affect your skin and your appearance.

Lack of sleep and the stress it causes on your body causes collagen shutdown and elastin breakdown in your skin. In time this will develop into dry skin and even wrinkles.  Hormones and chemicals released in our sleep can help to restore, repair, and protect our bodies.Lack of sleep will also cause dry irritated red eyes and hollowness under your eyes, creating dark circles and an all around look of frumpiness and aging.

We all experience hard nights, insomnia and just plain staying up too late having fun. What’s a girl to do after those fun, and not so fun sleepless nights? We have some excellent tips!

*Wash your face and rinse with cold water to help constrict tiny blood vessels in the skin and around your eyes.

* A light exfoliation with our Microdermabrasion crème Crystal Ball will wake up your skin cells while eliminating any dead, dry and rough skin and bring the glow back to your complexion.

*Our Ultra Hydrating Mask Baby Calm Down will hydrate and brighten your skin while alleviating any redness. An extra dollop around the eyes eliminates puffiness to help you look rested.

*Add some extra moisturizer after those long nights, it will combat the dryness and lackluster appearance on your face.

Get some much needed rest darling, a hot bath or shower before bedtime is helpful, also writing down four or five things that made you happy and grateful about your day will help calm and relax your mind for a good nights beauty rest.