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Beauty and fashion trends change with the decades, but that doesn’t mean that the “it” looks of the past never return again. One great example is beauty trends from the 1990s and 2000s. These once-common looks are enjoying a resurgence of popularity as beauty influencers of Instagram and TikTok tackle the challenge of mastering ’90s and Y2K makeup.

To do the trends, you need to know the trends. Here are five hot looks from the ’90s and ’00s that you can pull off at home. Break out your Beauty Society goodies and your makeup kit! These decades are bursting with personality.   

Talk About the Brows

Your eyebrows frame your face and make a bold statement about your personal aesthetic. Full-and-fluffy brows might be the trendy look now, but the ’90s kids remember when razor-thin brows ruled. Celebs from Drew Barrymore to Christina Aguilera to Halle Berry opted for eyebrows plucked thin and defined with a pencil. The barely-there eyebrow trend continued well into the 2000s.

The thin-brow trend is back today, with the 2020s version prioritizing a more flattering outline and slightly fuller look. Plucking and shaving can both help you accomplish this razor-thin eyebrow trend, but think twice before taking the plunge. There’s no fast way to grow eyebrow hair back if you don’t like the look in the long run.  

Instead, create thin brows by breaking out an eyebrow pencil and foundation or concealer. Start by combing your brows in the direction of the shape you want to create. Outline and fill in the area of the brow that you want to draw attention to. Then, gently pat foundation or concealer on the brow hairs you didn’t color to conceal them. Finish the look with Brow Doctor gel, which will tame unruly hairs and preserve your brow makeup.   

Bright Around the Eyes

If you wanted to draw attention to your eyes in the ’90s, you might have opted for pastel blues and pinks that brightened the eyes and added a subtle pop of color. If you wanted a sultrier look, you’d head straight for a classic smoky eye—emphasis on the smoky. Grunge fashion was a big influence here, and daringly dark colors made for some very moody eye makeup.

The pretty pastels and serious smoky eyes of the ’90s gave way to a lighter, brighter trend in Y2K. Gorgeous colors and shimmery, glowing eyeshadows fit with the feel-good vibe of the decade. You can build the base for a bright-and-beautiful ’00s eye look with our white eye pencil. Use it above your lash line to brighten your eyes and make them look bigger. Sweep a bright, shimmering shadow across your eyelid and finish with just a touch of Plot Twist mascara to draw attention to your gorgeous peepers.   

Locked on the Lips

Lips in the ’90s were all about deep, rich color. Many women opted for little makeup other than a deep red, brown, or mauve lip. Matte lipstick was the go-to choice for creating a deep lip. Glossy and shimmering lip shades were popular during the ’90s as well, but they tended to be lighter pinks, corals, and nudes.

As the 2000s continued, lips got lighter and glossier. A plump, perfectly pouted shine in either a nude or light, shimmering shade was particularly popular. You can revive the trend today and get a pouty, Y2K-inspired look with our Worth It lip plumper. It adds volume and shine without making your lips look puffy or unnatural.   

Feeling a Little Cheeky

Cheeks absolutely glowed during the ’90s and well into the 2000s. Luminous highlighters and bronzers were used either on their own or over blush to achieve this look. You can easily create this look at home by sweeping your favorite highlighter up your cheek bone, adding an extra blast of glow to the apples of your cheeks. For a colorful look, apply Crush Lip + Cheek Tint before highlighter.

All That Glitters Is Great

We can’t talk about Y2K makeup without mentioning glitter. Gen Z might think that glittery makeup was invented for Euphoria, but the ’90s kids know the truth. Glitter was all the rage in magazines and on runways for years. Glitter could be found in eyeshadows, mascaras, brow gels, body creams, and more.

Glitter makeup has made a big comeback in the 2020s, and we have some great news. Today’s glitter makeup is a significant improvement over formulas from the ’90s and early ’00s. A wide variety of skin-friendly glitters and glitter eye products are now available. To preserve your gorgeously glittery makeup all night, finish your look with our UnderCover mist. It will hydrate and protect your skin while helping keep your makeup in place.