Washing your face: it’s likely already a part of your daily routine. Face washing is not only a step that most people complete regularly for purposes of general hygiene, but it also has many other added benefits: it can help you feel more awake, refresh you after a workout, and reduce seasonal allergies. However, washing your face is more than just a simple hygiene task or an energy booster. It’s an important process for your long-term health. Doctors have found that people can banish potential serious health problems by simply washing their faces once or twice daily.

So, if washing your face is not yet part of your daily routine, or you haven’t put much thought into how you wash your face, this guide can help. You’ll learn the steps necessary for cleansing your face properly and also gain a better understanding of what products you need for the process of face washing.

How To Properly Wash Your Face for Clear and Clean Skin

If you keep the following tips in mind when you wash your face, you’ll not only make sure you rinse the day’s grime or sweat away, but you can also help to foster the health of your skin for a glowing, clear complexion that lasts for years.

Remove Your Makeup

Wearing makeup is a great way to express yourself or enhance your facial features. However, some makeup products can cause skin issues like acne if you don’t clean them off at the end of the day. So, before you wash your face as part of your daily routine, take deliberate steps to remove any makeup you have on your face. Use a  product like a makeup removal wipe that will take off your layer of makeup before beginning your daily cleansing routine.

Removing your makeup will ensure not only that you are makeup-free at the end of the day, but that you can also easily access the dirt, oil, and grime that lives under the makeup you’re wearing so you can effectively wash it all away. Also, if you use nourishing or reparative skin products like Beauty Society’s All Nighter – Age-defying NIght Resurfacer, taking your making off before you wash your face will make sure those products can properly contact your skin to work their wonders.

Use Face Cleanser 

That hand soap you have in a dispenser on your sink is NOT the thing to use to get your face clean. You’ll want to skip any harsh hand or body soaps for face washing and choose a product specifically formulated for faces. Regular soap can be too harsh on your facial skin for safe and harm-free cleaning, and it can also sting severely if you get it in your eyes while you wash your face. Instead, opt for a face cleanser like Beauty Society’s Set Me Free – Pore Cleaning Cleanser or Easy Going – Gentle Creme Cleanser. Products like these are specially formulated to be strong enough to get the skin of your face super clean without damaging it  or stripping skin of its moisture.

Do Not Wash Your Face in the Shower

It’s tempting to wash your face while you are taking a shower. While it’s fine to clean your face in the shower with the right products, you should always make sure to do a proper face washing sometime during your day that is not while showering to get clean. When you shower, there are lots of other products that get on your skin, like shampoo and conditioner, and it’s harder to focus solely on the cleanliness of your face. Wash your face with warm water at the sink after a workout or before bed, and you can ensure you’re devoting the time and attention to your face that it really deserves.

Moisturize and Add SPF

Every time you’re done cleaning your face with a cleanser, make sure you apply a facial moisturizer, like Beauty Society’s Love Thy Face – Miracle Moisturizer as a final step. Washing your face (or merely getting it wet) can ironically dry it out, so you want to keep your skin hydrated by applying a high-quality facial moisturizer every time you wash. Finish your moisturizing with a gentle facial lotion or sunscreen with SPF for daily, regular sun protection.

Don’t Wash Too Often! 

You should wash your face as part of your daily routine. If you are active or sweat a lot, you may want to wash your face twice daily (after a workout and before sleep, or after you wake up and before you go to sleep). However, you don’t want to do a thorough washing of your face more than two times per day, no matter how refreshing it feels. Turns out, with face washing, there actually CAN be too much of a good thing—meaning, if you wash the skin on your face too often, you can strip it of its natural moisture and oils, which can cause you to feel dry and flaky; you can even damage your skin. So, stick to washing your face once or twice daily.

Make It Part of Your Daily Routine

Ultimately, washing your face is like riding a bike—learn how to do it once, and you can do it properly for the rest of your life. (This is good since you’ll need to keep face washing a part of your daily routine for as long as you want to keep your skin healthy and clear!) With adequate knowledge about how to properly wash your face and the right products in hand, you can tackle face washing regularly in a way that makes your face healthier and smoother. Once you practice making this a part of your daily routine, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of having a face that is clear, wrinkle-free, and glowing every single day! 

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