5 Crucial Tips for the Best Beauty Society Experience!

by | Apr 30, 2018

First – Find your perfect regimen.
Beauty Society offers a large array of products, because everyone’s skincare needs and skin types are a little different, depending on your skin type, your age, your skin issues and even the climate that you live in we can design a specialized personalized regimen for you specifically.  We also recommend that you occasionally adjust your regimen depending on the time of year to keep the up maximum benefits for your complexion.

Second – I have to be honest, Beauty Society products don’t work on everyone…. Only the ones who use them!
After you have found the perfect regimen for you, you will need to be consistent. Using your regimen both morning and night and regularly will increase your success and speed up the process. You must be disciplined and organized. If you have a product that is to be used weekly, choose a certain day of the week like wine Wednesday or Sunday Funday to remind you of your weekly product.

Third – Patience is a virtue.
You will find a significant change in the appearance of your skin, usually after the first application and definitely within 3 to 5 days.  If you are suffering from extreme issues such as aging, rosacea, sensitivity or blemish-prone skin you will need to give your regimen a good 30 to 60 days of consistent use to see major noticeable improvement. It takes at least 28 days for your skin to cycle, and after 2 cycles our clients experience mind-blowing results.

Fourth – Track your progress.
Take a few before pictures. You will find yourself staring at your skin every morning and noticing brighter healthier skin.  Deeper lines and wrinkles and loss of firmness take more time for correction. Seeing the changes in photos will keep you motivated to be consistent and the longer you use the products the more cumulative your results will be.

Fifth – No cheating!
Bouncing around from one product line to another, being swayed by a girlfriend’s suggestion, a sale, or running across an old product under your counter may be tempting, but it can backfire.  I have in the past cheated with samples from other companies or forgotten my products and used something on the road and each time I was horrified. The other brands irritated my skin, caused dryness and bumpiness and I had to learn the hard way…. No cheating, totally not worth it.

So, get started now on your best Beauty Society experience. You can consult a Beauty Advisor in the field, or a corporate Customer Care Advisor is always available to every Beauty Society customer. And never a need to worry, as we offer a full 12-month exchange or return program to make sure you are set with your personalized perfect products.