Avoid These Three Common Mask Mistakes

by | Jan 9, 2019

Hey Beautiful! Welcome to 2019! The hustle and bustle of the holidays is over, phew! You made it! Now it’s time for some “you-time”. Time to relax, maybe binge-watch a show or two on Netflix and treat yourself to a beauty enhancing face mask. It’s time to cleanse away the holiday stress and impurities and treat yourself to some pampering.

 But wait, before you get your mask on, let’s make sure you’re not making one of the three most common face mask mistakes.


Mistake #1 – Adding dirt to the mix

Girl, we know you aren’t heading to your flower garden, scooping up some dirt and adding it to your face mask. We’re talking about the dirt you may be overlooking. If you aren’t cleansing your face before masking or you’re using your fingers to apply the mask, you are unknowingly adding pore-clogging dirt and bacteria into your mask. Using a facial mask does not replace your cleanser. Take off all your makeup. Use your daily cleanser and start with clean, dry skin. This allows all the active ingredients in your mask to do their job to their full potential.

Even if you wash your hands prior to applying the mask, the normal oils found on your fingers can hinder the natural botanicals and ingredients from providing their full clear-complexion benefits. For best results, use a brush to apply your face mask. You can try our Foundation (#BRU04) or Contour (#BRU03) brushes. Using an application brush also keeps your product free of contamination.


Mistake #2 – Too much masking

You’ve got your mask on, your favorite show is rolling, and you’re relaxing! Ahhh, the joy! Before you know it, you’ve made it through three episodes and you can’t tell Alexa to pause because your mask has hit petrified status. Leaving your mask on additional time does not mean it works harder or is more effective. You can cause irritation. Make sure you are following the directions and setting a timer in case that show is super exciting.

Speaking of directions, make sure you’re applying the right amount of product and are following the recommendations for frequency. Leave the over-masking for your paint jobs!


Mistake #3One mask does not fill all, all the time

Let’s Face It, we love to mask! And, with different face mask products popping up everywhere, it can be really confusing to know which one is best for you. Not to mention the temptation to keep trying different products. Especially for those with combination skin.

Baby Calm Down, multi-masking solves all your problems! Multi-masking is multi-tasking for skincare. You can target specific requirements in different areas of your face by combining multiple mask products. Use a hydrating mask for your dry, dehydrated areas. Choose a different mask for oily or acne-prone regions. If you’re over the age of 35, consider adding in a mask specifically formulated for wrinkle prevention and caring for aging skin. BTW, our Saving Face deep purification mask is perfect for this and happens to be on sale this month. Sweet!

Multi-masking helps relieve issues in certain areas without making others worse. It’s a game-changing targeted approach to masking. And, it’s kinda fun!


For all you bullet-point lovers out there: 

  • Start with clean skin
  • Use a brush to apply your mask product
  • Know your limits – use only the recommended amount, for the recommended time and only as often as recommended
  • Try multi-masking – using products that target specific skincare needs

If you have any questions about which of our awesome face masks is best for you, please feel free to reach out to your personal Beauty Society Advisor or give us a call. We don’t just blog about skincare, we live it! A real person will answer your call and you can swap great binge-worthy shows too.