Chances are, you’ve heard about wrinkle-reducing benefits and want to prevent it as much as possible. Right? Well, you’ve come to the right place, our September Beauty Product of the month All Nighter is an absolute game changer!

The age-defying night resurfacer targets visible signs of aging such as whistle lines, crows feet, and deep wrinkles which has become our greatest gift to all of you! Our must-have age-defying serum is formulated with the highest concentration of retinol you can get without a prescription. The amazing improvements are seen to protect age spots, sun-damage, and discoloration.

Beauty Societies lead chemist Daniel Bossmann state that, “The retinol neutralizes any free radicals that might be causing collagen damage in the skin. Overtime as your body ages, you naturally begin to produce less collagen. Retinol can help preserve your collagen stores, stimulate new collagen production, and thicken the layer of skin where wrinkles form. Thus existing wrinkles and fine lines may appear to be “soothed over”, allowing new collagen production to prevent new wrinkles from forming.”

Recommendations – All Nighter

Retinol can cause your skin to become sensitive to sunlight. So, it is recommended to use the product at night to prevent further sun-damage.

Cleanse your face at night regardless of your skin type to nourish the natural moisture back to your skin.

  1. Only use a small amount of the All Nighter. I know it is tempting to want to get rid of those wrinkles as fast as possible, however, you don’t want to irritate your skin in the process. Unlike your approach to the margaritas and bottomless tortilla chips, LESS IS MORE when it comes to retinoids. After cleansing your face at night, wait a few minutes to allow your face to dry before applying the serum.
  2. Repeat Nightly. By sticking to this routine you are preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and repairing the thin skin around your eye area, and rebuilding your skin’s natural hydration.

Now, if you want your skin to stay as young and healthy as possible, then you owe it to yourself to know the best ingredients that are helpful for it.

A few key ingredients in the amazing All Nighter are;

  1. Sodium Ascorbic (Vitamin C), is an organic sodium salt that plays the role as a water-soluble vitamin C. Now, as far as your skin is concerned, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can repair damaged skin cells. Sodium Ascorbate is also a highly concentrated niacinamide serum that effectively tightens and minimizes the look of sagging pores and rough bumps caused by age or sun damage.
  2. Matrixyl 3000 is composed of the matrikines, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. These two peptides work synergistically to repair the cutaneous damages of aging and help the skin’s youthful appearance to produce more collagen.
  3. Advanced BTX is an anti-wrinkle ingredient that increases the volume of the dermis by 10-15%. It induces strong muscular relaxation, purges carbon dioxide from the skin, and refreshes it.
  4. Chyrsin repairs oxidation damaged and reduces the rate of degradation of collagen and dark circles.
  5. Dipotassium Glychyrrhizinate provides anti-inflammatories suitable for use in combination with fruit acids, which can increase skin defense abilities because it contains licorice extract, and it has auxiliary whitening effects.
  6. Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D), is mostly known for treating rapid cell growth in psoriatic skin and cellular detoxification. In fact, in one 3 week study, 16 out of 19 psoriasis patients were successfully treated by topically applying a dose of .5 micrograms per gram of cholecalciferol.
  7. N-Hydroxysuccinimide is an organic compound that activates the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark color and inflammation that causes under-eye circles. N-Hydroxysuccinimide renders the iron soluble for natural elimination- thereby reducing dark circles.

The All Nighter is $54.80, however because it is the product of the month all customers will receive 20% off and our advisors and elite customers will receive 50% off. SO, say goodbye to the fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin the boost it deserves with our amazing product of the month!