Looking for extra income, a change of direction or a new career? Becoming a Beauty Advisor for Beauty Society may be just right for you!

Everything You Need to Start Making 25-50% Commission Today!

Earn the highest personal and team commissions

Beauty Society allows you to make life-changing income from day one with up to 50% in personal commission, and a lifetime of residual income with our infinite pay level structure.

An inventory-free business

Inventory free business, no need to pay for huge stockpiles of inventory and you never need to ship anything yourself – Beauty Society ships directly to every customer.

We cover all credit card transaction fees

Zero credit card transaction fees for Advisors, unlike many other companies we do all we can to keep your cost of business down.

An online full-service business in minutes

You will immediately have a full-service online business tracking suite, personalized shopping website and access to discounted Advisor pricing and shipping rates.

Exceptional training and coaching, free of charge

Our Beauty Advisors receive the best in professional coaching and training as part of the business. No added fees.

Free facial party supplies + perks

We provide free Hostess Gifts and Hostess Perks provided directly from Beauty Society at no cost to you and a free headband replenishment program.

Be your own boss!

Set your own schedule, work your business around family and other responsibilities. Opportunity to make full-time income with part-time hours.

Low cost investment, rapid returns

Start your own business with either our Skincare or Makeup Join Kits for only $179. Our Join Kits includes all the products, supplies and training to start making money right away. ($620 value each!) Or buy both for only $299 ($1160 value)!

Sell products backed by a Guarantee

You will be proud to offer highly sought after anti-aging skincare products that are backed by a 12-month money back guarantee and cosmetics with a 30-day guarantee.

Customer service you can rely on

You can rely on a dedicated Corporate customer service team with real humans answering the phone during business hours (never get stuck listening to a machine!)

Free Shipping for Beauty Advisors

Free shipping on all Advisor orders over $40 and discounted shipping of $3.95 for all orders under $40 included in the $10 monthly Advisor fee.

team beauty society badge | Beauty Advisor

Being a Beauty Society Advisor is an extremely noble career. People are in need of professional advice in so many aspects of their lives, and solid age-defying and beauty advice is no exception. In today’s world of mass advertising, social media hype and virtually no personalized customer service, consumers are forced to guess at their regimen needs and end up making trial and error purchases that leave most frustrated. Our Advisors are knowledgeable about our company’s skincare and cosmetic products. As a Beauty Advisor, you offer skincare advice and makeup tips to customers, and you demonstrate the products personally. You discuss beauty regimens with your customers in order to understand their skincare problems and offer the appropriate product solutions. You work with clients to create personalized daily beauty regimens that meet their needs and include the skincare and makeup products we offer.  Growing your business and clientele is done through facial parties, intimate groups of women learning about enjoying full facial regimens with friends, and focusing on the best products for their complexion. Your position as a Beauty Society Advisor provides them a comfort level and a trust factor that allows them to do business with you in confidence.

Start Your Own Business Today!

Imagine the freedom to live the life of your dreams by starting your own successful business. At Beauty Society we offer you the opportunity to make money, make a difference, and have fun all at the same time!