2022 Price Changes

To our beautiful Customers and Advisors,

2022 is here, and while other companies are raising prices across the board, Beauty Society is fighting to keep your favorite products affordable. We understand how valuable skincare can be for confidence. Beauty Society wants to ensure that your products will always fit your budget. The following few products and offers have been shifted to accommodate the industry’s growing cost.

Product Old Price New Price
Free Shipping Threshold $40 $50
Discounted Shipping (Society+ and Advisors) $4.95 $5.95
Retail Shipping $6.95 $7.95
Refill Discount 15% 10%
True Salvation $34.50 $42.50
Worth It (every shade) $26.50 $28.50
Poker Face $34.50 $38.50

We love and appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you for supporting us in your journey of beautiful and glowing skin.